Saturday, January 14, 2012

Airbrush Spraybooth

I have been meaning to post this for a week or so and have just been too busy to get the tutorial written. So here is the build in photos. The fans are 100 cfm, 12V PC fans. These were ones form an older PC project. Really as long as you can pull 150 cfm or more you are normally fine. Most small commercial units max out at 180 cfm. It really comes down to how quiet you want the thing to be.

The fans are brush-less but not spark proof. Sounds scary right. Not really, unless you are using rattle cans or spraying straight alcohol the fuel/air ratio is to low for anything to ignite. Also I use a mix of water, flow aid and matte media to thin my paints. None of the products are flammable. I do not show the exhaust tube and shroud in the pictures but really they are not needed. No matter what anyone tells you or how well you vent it DO NOT USE RATTLE CAN PAINT IN THE BOOTH!!! 2 reason 1) it can ignite and loosing ones eyebrows or house is never a good hobby sacrifice. 2) the propellant will kill the fans by eating through the varnish on the motor windings causing them to spark and then see reason number 1.

The entire thing was built form scraps from other projects so cost was nothing but if I had to add a price it could be copied for $20-40 depending on the fan selection and filter price.

Enough typing, on to the photos.


  1. Thank you for posting this, this is probably the best looking diy spray booth I've seen. Do you really get enough air flow from the two fans underneath? Does any particulate get outside the booth, as you don't have an exhaust?

  2. The fans I used are 80-100 CFM each so airflow was not a problem. If you are building on and worried you can get fans rated higher. I have a couple of 200 CFM fans I tried first but they were louder than I wanted. The external exhaust is not as critical but I do have one. It is more a matter of the filter you are using and the fact you are not spraying solvent based paints. Pretty much, if you can see through the filter chose another filter so it will catch any paint before it gets into the fan.

  3. How do you get power to the fans? Do you have a molex to wall adapter or something?



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