Monday, March 4, 2013

Back to regular posting...hopefully

Hard to believe it, it has been almost a year since my last post. So what happened and what have I been doing with my time. Well I have been  busy working on projects and playing games.

On the project side, if you have been following along on my other blog/store, I have been creating all sorts of things. Paint storage units, Zombicide tokens, terrain, lots and lots of terrain. Having a laser cutter and being able to easily and repeatably cut projects out makes it a little easier to work out ideas. Instead of the rack of terrain that is full of half finished, waiting for parts, crap no glue in the world will stick to, it still looks like a milk jug with bits of wood stuck to it I now have a rack of usable prototypes that seem to walk away regularly and completed table ready projects. This is great. The only side effect to this is the stacks and stacks of left over wood scraps. At least those will see usage as bonfire material.

For the game side I have been stepping back from 40K and have picked up Infinity. The game has a unique mechanic and I am starting to like it. It is allot more tactical than 40K. Sorry bit no Bright read armor marching out in the open here. You have to work to close ground if you want to get there in good enough shape to do anything. Terrain makes a huge difference in this game.

Other games I have picked up or gotten back into are Battletech/Robotech. It feels good to bring back one of my tabletop gateway drugs. The skirmish level play and resource management makes for some great battles. Do you charge with your damaged side for the quick kill or do you go the long way around so  you put your strongest face towards the enemy? Decisions, decisions.

Finally there is the board/card game side of things. Settlers has become my time waster game. Great when you want to think but not setup a full table game or I have non gamers over. Super Dungeon Explore is the perfect gamer party game. Nothing like and expandable, coin op game with miniatures. The game play is fast and the chiba minis are just cool. My last game is turning into an addiction, Zombicide. I love this game! The rules are simple, game play is co-op so it is easy for non-gamers and it is so much fun. It has become a running Sunday afternoon game for me and my friends. We get together, poor some drinks, pull out the game and play for an hour as a warm up to watching The Walking Dead.

But wait there is more. Burn In Designs. I mentioned it earlier but now more details. Last year I started my own laser cutting business, Burn In Designs, specializing in gamer related projects. Things have been interesting and fun with allot of new products being released and a chance to give back to the gamer community. Projects and products have been pretty diverse. Everything from little bases and objective markers though a full city of 6mm/1:285th terrain to a new scifi themed walkway/road project that will hopefully be on Kickstarter shortly.

So there you have in the short version of what I have been doing. Now back to projects so I can have more stuff to write about next time.


  1. When and where will we be able to get those wonderful 6mm buildings?


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