Sunday, November 21, 2010

Very little to see here

Just a quick post of some of the stuff I have been painting. Eventually I will get some time to get stuff finished. Maybe while everyone is out shopping I can get some more work done.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Landmate Redesign

Since my Forge World order finally came in decided to jump back on my open projects starting with the Appleseed Landmate battlesuit. I kept the leg design from the original suit  but after doing a few cast of the pelvis and torso I just wasn't happy. There are a few details that I should have cleaned up on the master and the backpack never really worked out correctly when all the pieces were assembled. Either way it was time to rebuild. So here is the next version.

The new version is using the curved chest plate from the FW Shas'o R'myr's personal Battlesuit and in place of the normal jump jets I went with 1 central one from the prototype suit. I am still making additional changes to the design though. So I am looking at stretching the body like with the prototype. The shorted body is a little too round without it. Keep a look out for the next update.

Another project I threw together is new objective markers. I still have my old scenic ones but they are all on 25mm bases so rather that deal with complaints from players I cast up a few of these. 
I used another FW part for these, Shas’o R’ala's shield from his XV-9. They are molded as one piece and already textured so all I need to do is prime and paint them. I used a cheaper rubber for the mold and it is dying fast so I if I get 8 cast I will be happy before it completely falls apart. Better to find out on a less critical mold though. 

Next time I will hopefully be slinging some paint and showing off some results. 


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