Friday, May 20, 2011

I see the sun.

The postal gods have decided that I was worthy and delivered my copy of Promethean Sun. I was expecting it to be a little bigger and with higher quality pages for the $50 plus shipping but oh well.

On to the pictures.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Magnetizing Tau Turrents

Magnetization is almost a requirement for anything Tau. Throw Forgeworld into the mix and it becomes mandatory. There are 3 different variants and having the option to run them all is always a good thing.

Parts List:
Forgeworld Tau Turret
5 - 3/16" x 1/16" disc magnets (
3 - 3/16" x 3/16" rod magnets (
CA glue
Zip Kicker CA accellerator
3/16" drill bit and drill

Start by cleaning and preping the model to remove all the release agent and gates. If you do not get all the release agent off you will have problems. Just as the agent resist paint is also resist CA glue.

I chose to use rod magnets in 3 places as opposed to disc all the way around. These are in the base, used as a centering pin, and on the weapon mounts, to add some additional spacing to the weapons. Be careful with polarities. Having one backwards will quickly ruin your day. Rod magnets are almost impossible to remove once they are glued in.

The pictures show where to place the magnets so I won't go into detail on putting them in and only go over the important ones. Starting with the base, I used a rod magnet for this one and left it about 1/16" tall and drilled the whole in the sensor tower to 3/16" deep. This way when I added a 1/16" disc in the hole I still have a centering pin to keep things from sliding around.  The same for the weapon mounts. Here I did the same thing. This time the purpose was to allow for more space between the weapon and the tower.

Onward to the pictures -


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