Monday, March 28, 2011

The time is almost here! Adepticon!

The time is almost here. The return of Adepticon! Once again all eye and ears in the 40K universe turn to the Westin Hotel in Lombard, Illinois for 4 days of hard fought battles, classes between titans and a beer on every table corner. This will be my third appearance at the event and as part if it I will not be resuming my role as roving servitor chronicling the event for those at the far ends of the warp. So no spiked skull reports or pict feeds of the painted goodness. No reports of xenos or heresies that may later be censored by the Inquisition. The feed will go dark.

But why, well I am one of those xenos, I am a Tau. As such I am sending in a dx-4 technical drone. This one one specially equipped with additional sensor equipment and upload capabilities for extended missions. This superior technology will be able to broadcast crisper, more detailed images and audio. The new refitted drone has been given a better AI and is designed to take active input from users via email communications to lathanm2501 "at" gmail. So send in your request of what you want to see and I will direct the drone to investigate further. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Display board

Minor forward progress. With any luck it will be usable befor Adepticon. I really need to press forward on this. Too many projects and no where near enough time.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Got the last few seals done. Just need to do a final count of each style so I can bag them up. Going on the first com first served for the choices.

Friday, March 11, 2011

So what do he purity seals say?

So I showed a quick preview of the council level seals. These are larger and will be going to a select few Freeboota members that were instrumental in setting up things for our Adepticon meetup. So what will these seals say? Well...

A little hard to see? Ok for those with glasses here is the text.

1st Company of the Freebootaz

the Council of Order
Chapter Master - Maldus
Master of the Arsenal -Total Anorky
Masters of the Watch - Brother Grimm
Master of Recruits - HockeyHyper
Chief Victualler - TIC
Master of the Rites - Diehard

the Brothers of the Blade
huoshini mattraptor
Z|insane txMaddog
BigBagBull AlexofCharmCity
ScottyPotty Celsork
MightyTim Nomad77

the Brothers of the Bolter
Randl Dzer0
Epic Kywallac
CrayolaSmoker HiveLord
Rancor709 Vallhallan42nd
Mattcor Arinaud

the Order of Flame
Dream Evil Napkinbaron
Cogliostro Shortfuse
Regulator HarakoniTool
Kymmerus Roleplayer
Snake Doctor Crimthaan

the Masters of Fate
Groundpounder MrInquisitor
Smittyrj78 Aslskfan
Willow316 FloppyK
Veritechc Greenhead
PaintMyFigs Darksheer

Eyes of the Fallen
Big Rob
Lt. Renen
Lt. Gregor

The second is a prayer I found on I think the Bolter and Chainsword forum. This one shows up along with other in Latin on the regular ribbons. 

I am trying to decide is I want to weather the rest of them like the sample one. Parchment burns fast and it is a  bit of a pain to work with for weathering. For a single badge it is no big deal but when you have dozens to do it can be overwhelming. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Freebootaz 1st Company

Test shots of the near complete special purity seals. Stay tuned for details.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Battleplan - Adepticon Combat Patrol Revised

+++##$@+++ Begin Transmission +++##$@+++

In response to your request for approval, the Aun of Voi’la have requested your patrol be accompanied ny Shas’Ui Rio’Myroi, a veteran battlesuit pilot of the Thoth campaigns. His command will help bring much needed fire support should your patrol encounter enemy forces.

The Aun also suggest rounding up a gaggle of Kroot, whose attunement to natural surrounds will assist in routing out any concealed forces amoung the vegation on the sector.

+++##$@+++ End of Transmission +++##$@+++

So got my reply form Old Shatter Hands and he suggested 2 alternatives for the mission. The first strips things down to the basics but stays with the theme of an advance scouting squad.

6 Fire Warriors with Pulse Rifles 60 points
1 Devilfish, Disruption Pod 85 points
This unit has had it’s SMS and upgrades removed. The Gun Drones are more valuable than SMS anyday. They will pop off and contribute fire and get in the way of assaulters.

Fast Attack:
1 Piranha, Fusion Blaster 65 points
Again, stripped of it’s upgrades. Sure we lose BS4, but we need those points for more guns.

Fast Attack:
1 Piranha, Fusion Blaster 65 points

2 Crisis Suits: Twin-linked Missile Pods, Flamers. 94 Points

Total: 399.

The second is a little tougher but also fits a theme assuming the area being scouted is a little more dense with terrain.

10 Kroot. 70 points.

10 Kroot. 70 points.

2 Crisis Suits: Twin-linked Missile Pods, Flamers. 94 Points

2 Crisis Suits: Twin-linked Missile Pods, Flamers. 94 Points

Fast Attack:
Piranha with Fusion Blaster and Targetting Array. 70 Points

Total: 398

So what did I do, well here we go.

+++##$@+++ Begin Transmission +++##$@+++

Due to the speed of events and the need to redeploy some of our Firewarriors we are calling in some of the Kroot for additonal support. The area they will be scouting is a little rougher and their physical nature will allow them to keep up with the other fast moving units. We also suspect that the area will be hot with enemy patrols. To counter this were are deploying Stealth teams to allow us to get closer than we can with heavier units.

For the Greater Good.
+++##$@+++ End of Transmission +++##$@+++

Modified patrol list

400 Pts - Tau Empire Roster - ESWAT Combat Patrol 2

Total Roster Cost: 396

Troops: Kroot Carnivore Squad (10#, 70 pts)
   10 Kroot Carnivore Squad, 70 pts = 10 * 7

Elite: Stealthsuits (4#, 120 pts)
   4 Stealthsuits, 120 pts = 4 * 30

Elite: Crisis Battlesuit (3#, 141 pts)
   3 Crisis Battlesuit, 141 pts = 3 * 47 (base cost 25 + Flamer 4 + Twin Linked Missile Pod 18)

Fast Attack: Piranha Light Skimmer (3#, 65 pts)
   1 Piranha Light Skimmer, 65 pts = (base cost 60) + Fusion Blaster x1 5

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at

Friday, March 4, 2011

A prayer for the Emperor

Just a quick look at a completed purity seal before the final weathering.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Battleplan - Adepticon Combat Patrol

Greetings from the beach head at Adepticon. We are preparing our scouting patrol units to survey the area for a suitable location for the primary force strongpoint. We are spread thin due to the number of potential landing zones. Currently we are unable to send the normal Pathfinder units forward in this process. The teams we are sending forth are being taken from regular units. With the blessings of the Greater Good I trust this will be enough to hold the positions long enough for the main force to join them.

400 Pts - Tau Empire Roster - ESWAT Combat Patrol
Total Roster Cost: 399

Troops: Fire Warrior (7#, 196 pts)
   6 Fire Warrior w/ Photon Grenades
      1 Devilfish w/Disruption Pod, Flechette Discharger, Multi-Tracker, Smart Missile System, Targeting Array
Fast Attack: Piranha Light Skimmer (3#, 75 pts)
   1 Piranha Light Skimmer w/ Flechette Discharger, Targeting Array
Fast Attack: Piranha Light Skimmer (3#, 75 pts)
   1 Piranha Light Skimmer w/ Flechette Discharger, Targeting Array
Elite: Crisis Battlesuit (1#, 53 pts)
   1 Crisis Battlesuit w/ Twin Linked Missile Pod, Targeting Array

 For the Greater Good!


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