Friday, October 1, 2010

Chicago Battle Bunker is a Joke!

Forget 911 is a joke, ordering Forgeworld from the Chicago Battle Bunker is a joke. I went in to order some of the new Tau models and some books at the end of July. I knew I should have just called them directly when the guy said, it takes up to 6 weeks for them to get orders. Like an idiot, I went ahead and got did the order. Well it is now week 9 and still nothing. I call and get the "We will check and call you back" BS. Then they say call GW Customer service and let them know, they can't do anything for you but if they get enough complaints it may improve the situation. So I call, and I call, and I call. Each time the same call center answers and give me the same BS answer "We are sorry but the orders are the responsibility of the stores and sometimes they hold them until they get enough to place an order." 

How screwed up is that. So a multinational company can't get its act together to ship orders. What is the order so large they have to put it on a ship to get it here. Are the parts so rare that there is only 1 in existence and the guy delivering it has it handcuffed to his wrist. No I think I have an answer,


The kicker is 3 weeks ago I ordered some stuff directly from FW and payed dirt cheap shipping cost. Guess what arrived last night, I will give you a hint, it wasn't the Bunker order. What is the point of going into the bunker to order stuff if it takes years to get it? This is the last time I will ever buy any GW stuff from the Bunker. 

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