Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First project - The fold away table

First project - The fold away table.

Everyone wants to have a table but lets face it building one can be a problem, especially if you are lousy at woodworking or don't own a truck. Well I have been working on a couple of ideas on how to get around this and came up with a couple of ideas. The rules for these table designs are simple 1) must be compact 2) all parts need to fit into a normal sized car 3) no power tools required to assemble and 4)easy on the wallet. It may sound like a tall order but I was able to come up with a design that can be built for around $100. Ready, set, GO!

The Design - Some Assembly Required Cutting Table.

Here is our goal. This is a sewing table I picked up a year ago to use as a roll away modeling table. The design is prefect. Great height, takes up practically no space,is on wheels and lastly is wife friendly.

It is 13" x 36" x 36" when folded, 36" x 36" x 36" with 1 side up and expands to 36"x60"x36" fully setup.

This is 6" short on all for sides for an official game but if you want an instant table you are all set. For those wanting a full sized table keep reading.

The Parts Run - It will fit in the car

Parts List - Table Topper
3 2'x4' pieces of 1/4" either plywood or fiberboard
12 1"x2"x4' pieces of lumber
2 boxes of 5/8" long wood screws
1 box of 3/4" long wood screws
2 4' long piano hinges

I picked up all the pieces at my local hardware store for about $50. I went with fiberboard since it is a little more dense and has less tendency to warp. Yes I was able to fit both pieces in the trunk of a WRX so you don't need a truck to get them home. While you are there pick up a few more odds and ends you may need later like a big bottle of glue, some sand, foam, chainsaw and band aids.

The build - Tools are fun...and sharp

To make this table work we are going to create 3 frames and attach them together with the hinges. Now we have 2 options here, me continuing to type or going to pictures of the one I already built. Which way do think I am going.

The full project gallery

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