Tuesday, August 17, 2010

40K Radio Toys for Tots Display Board

Every year 40K Radio does a charity eBay auction of an army. Last year it was a Waaagh for Tots event with 4 Ork armies crossing the auction block. This time around the focus is the Emperors chosen sons, the Ultra Marines. Those wonderful Smurfs, boys in blue. Well I have issues with the boys in blue so painting some of them as a donation wasn't going to happen. Instead I am donating a display board. The board is 18x24" so not overly large and to keep things interesting it is magnetic.

Since building the board is the easy part. It is just a smaller table after all and there are tons of tutorials on creating one. I am going to focus on the odd part, making it magnetic. There are a few ways to do this. First is use metal for for the base. Simple the only hard part is cutting it to size. Next is magnetic paper. This stuff is pretty neat. It is a paper impregnated with magnetic material. It cuts like paper so it is easy to work with. The last option is magnetic paint. This is the path I went with for this project. The paint is by Rustoleum and it contains small metal particles that allow you to magnetize any surface by covering it with a minimum of 3 coats.

The paint works but there are a few things to keep in mind. First off it is thick, real thick. So roll it on with a short nap roller. It build with each coat and can obscure fine details. Second, it drys to a light texture, if you are doing a cityfight/pavement board you can skip any other texture paint and just use the grain generated by the roller. Finally it is heavy. The paint added a fair amount to the board, especially considering I went overboard and used a thick roller and about 10 coats of the stuff. Do as I say and not as I do if you want make your own. Either way the stuff really works. I can now stick minis anywhere on the board, even in rough areas without worry. Check out the picts and you will completely understand.

completed board
close up
Kroot warrior with magnet in base on rough terrain.
No, the picture is not rotated.
The fig and magnet combo weigh about 6 grams.

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