Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WIP - The return of the Appleseed Landmate

After a month of stalls I have finally picked up my Appleseed Landmate design and am pushing it forward. The last one you saw was the blue prototype. This one is on a completely new design. I wasn't completely happy with the torso and jetpack on that one. They still were too boxy and the triple jet was neat but didn't fit the theme. The second issue was the arms. The were a little too short. Finally the head, it is still headless but I have a plan now and onece my greenstuff shows up I can get to scuplting. Here is a preview.

partially completed suit
Redesigned suit legs. Still working on the leg vents/jets.
pelvis and waist 
Base arms, still working on the hands.
Torso made from a modified FW XV-88.

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