Monday, December 27, 2010

Appleseed XV8 Battle Suit Final Design...hopefully.

This is the design I can never seem to leave alone. Last time around I showed you a prototype of the suit and things were looking good. All I had to do was make a mold for the back and I was done. Well I got the mold done and started casting parts and it just didn't feel right. So out came the knives, saws and greenstuff. Here are the results. I lengthened the torso and used an XV9 pelvis since it was faster then reworking my scratch built one. The missile stalk was added because it fit better there than on the arms. I am going to stick with them only being on one side though. It looked too much like the Broadside with it on both. The one in the picture is glued on but the final will be magnetized. I have a 3rd one that I am working on cleaning up fully to make new molds for I can get the 18 suits I need finished with minimal cleanup needed on each one. The current molds I have been using have been pretty rough and the venting on them isn't the best so I get allot of bubbles. I may use that time to make some additional changes to the lower leg and foot. The XV9 ones look really good and I do still have a few of those laying around.

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