Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year and lots of projects

Well 2011 is here and I am already off an running. So far we have a dozen Kroot on their way to the photo booth, 3 more Pathfinders drying after the dip, primer drying on a barrel and pallet terrain piece and the first sketches of my Adepticon/Freebootaz purity seals. This is going to be one busy month and it is only going to continue. On tap for this year I have at least 4 new terrain projects (barrel stockpile, IG tent, Kroot encampment, Tau watchtower), full sized Tau sholder pad, full sized bolter, new airbrush paint booth and a shaker table for my mold making/casting needs. Oh yea, I almost forgot, the little matter of the Appleseed Landmate battlesuits. This is going to be a long, project filled year.

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