Friday, March 11, 2011

So what do he purity seals say?

So I showed a quick preview of the council level seals. These are larger and will be going to a select few Freeboota members that were instrumental in setting up things for our Adepticon meetup. So what will these seals say? Well...

A little hard to see? Ok for those with glasses here is the text.

1st Company of the Freebootaz

the Council of Order
Chapter Master - Maldus
Master of the Arsenal -Total Anorky
Masters of the Watch - Brother Grimm
Master of Recruits - HockeyHyper
Chief Victualler - TIC
Master of the Rites - Diehard

the Brothers of the Blade
huoshini mattraptor
Z|insane txMaddog
BigBagBull AlexofCharmCity
ScottyPotty Celsork
MightyTim Nomad77

the Brothers of the Bolter
Randl Dzer0
Epic Kywallac
CrayolaSmoker HiveLord
Rancor709 Vallhallan42nd
Mattcor Arinaud

the Order of Flame
Dream Evil Napkinbaron
Cogliostro Shortfuse
Regulator HarakoniTool
Kymmerus Roleplayer
Snake Doctor Crimthaan

the Masters of Fate
Groundpounder MrInquisitor
Smittyrj78 Aslskfan
Willow316 FloppyK
Veritechc Greenhead
PaintMyFigs Darksheer

Eyes of the Fallen
Big Rob
Lt. Renen
Lt. Gregor

The second is a prayer I found on I think the Bolter and Chainsword forum. This one shows up along with other in Latin on the regular ribbons. 

I am trying to decide is I want to weather the rest of them like the sample one. Parchment burns fast and it is a  bit of a pain to work with for weathering. For a single badge it is no big deal but when you have dozens to do it can be overwhelming. 

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