Monday, March 28, 2011

The time is almost here! Adepticon!

The time is almost here. The return of Adepticon! Once again all eye and ears in the 40K universe turn to the Westin Hotel in Lombard, Illinois for 4 days of hard fought battles, classes between titans and a beer on every table corner. This will be my third appearance at the event and as part if it I will not be resuming my role as roving servitor chronicling the event for those at the far ends of the warp. So no spiked skull reports or pict feeds of the painted goodness. No reports of xenos or heresies that may later be censored by the Inquisition. The feed will go dark.

But why, well I am one of those xenos, I am a Tau. As such I am sending in a dx-4 technical drone. This one one specially equipped with additional sensor equipment and upload capabilities for extended missions. This superior technology will be able to broadcast crisper, more detailed images and audio. The new refitted drone has been given a better AI and is designed to take active input from users via email communications to lathanm2501 "at" gmail. So send in your request of what you want to see and I will direct the drone to investigate further. 

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