Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big Bag O Magnets

If anything is true about war gamers it is we love magnets. They make things so much easier. Why built to models to get all the options and weapon combinations when you can magnetize and get them all in the same model. So a quick call to Amazing Magnets and 2 days later a box full of them arrived. Besides the normal specifically sized magnets I routinely get, this time I added in their 1/2 pound used-magnet grab bags. This has to be the best deal on magnets I have ever gotten. 85% of the magnets were easily usable for tanks and troops. The last 15% will work great on larger projects like titans and terrain pieces. There were a few broken ones and a tiny bit of metal 'trash' in the bag but not enough to even be an issue. I think this will become a staple for my orders from them.
Let the sorting begin.

Thick disc, battle suit weapons

Hammerhead weapon mounts

More weapon mounts 

Flight stand disc

Cubes, the black ones are great for terrain due to low strength.

Bar magnets, great for attaching flyers to bases.

All sorted

Parts I couldn't find a gaming use for.

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