Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fire on my mark! 3...2...1...

Progress is moving forward on my bolter project. I decided to simplify the handle and go with a flat one instead for a couple of reasons. First up, complexity. The original plan was to build it out of a block of foam but the strength just wasn't there and it would likely break before I got it mounted. The second was to build it up with several pieces of foam core then cover it with air hardening clay. Problem here is I am out of clay. Since this is more of a test build than a replica the flat handle will work out fine.

The project is now read to be gesso coated and lightly sanded. Once that is done the painting and final details can be added. I am still trying to decide what chapter to paint it for. Thinking about Salamanders, but the Soul Drinkers are really calling my name. Something about a chapter that split from the corrupt Empire and pulled itself back form the gates of Chaos to forge its own path seems like the perfect candidate.

Onward to the pictures.

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