Friday, January 13, 2012

Obtainium Pt.2

Last time I showed off a bit I got from a vendor. This time the parts are going to cost you but they are well worth it. Tech Deck, the company that sells finger skateboards has a full line of terrain for them. All of it is modular, really durable, highly detailed, affordable and best of all scaled perfectly for use on the terrain table. The bits start at $5 but I have gotten large sets for $20 but on clearance for as low as $7.

So what kind of board could you build with them? They work perfect for a training ground board. If you have ever seen Starship Troopers, Appleseed ExMachania or S.W.A.T. you will remember scenes of troopers running through make shift city buildings or hills. Mimicing that look is reall easy with these sets. In this setup give them a quick coat of grey paint, a wash and drybrush and you have a full table set in a few hours. The modular design means that every game can be different. It also adds that vertical element that so many tables are missing.

What if you want a more rustic, dirt mound look. Turns out they have those also. They are part of their BMX trick line. That should get you going, so next stop the toy store.

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