Thursday, January 12, 2012

Obtainium: terrain edition

obtainium (noun)
1. any item, found or obtained for free.
2. materials used to create art work such as assemblage, mixed media or sculpture that wasn't bought new, but obtained in other ways, such as second-hand, dumpster diving, chance findings or donations.

Building good terrain relies heavily on obtainium. In most cases it is found as raw materials like foamcore, craft sticks, etc. Other times it comes as finished products by companine like GW and Woodland Scenics. Sometime obtainium comes in even stranger forms. 

I got this from a vendor that sells industrial AC units. This is the perfect start to a 40k generator building. Scale wise it is just the right height, large enough to hide things behind but not so big as to dominate a table. The model comes appart you can see all the details. These kinds of models are great and strangly easy to get. Mine was a gift but if you talk to the people at your local heating/AC shop they usually have old models collecting dust that they are willing to part with. Other places to check are big box hardware stores. They get in alot demo/display models for sales that get thrown out after the sale is over. 

The parts are out there, you just need to obtain them.

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