Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Papercuts - The minor changes to make Tau match their fluff match the tabletop.

Tau needs something to get back into the game. The problem is what do you do without being too unbalanced. So I am not going to go down the rabbit hole of they should all be snipers and battle suits need a 4th hard point etc. No I am going to go for some of the fringe units that could use a little touching up. First up, drones.

  1. Reclassify them as jet pack infantry like battle suits. JSJ is a trademark Tau tactic and it is puzzling that it only exist for battle suits. Drones seem to be a perfect fit for that tactic. They get it when they are teamed with battle suits anyway so why not give it to them outright. It would have no effect on placing them with troops or vehicles thanks to unit cohesion. This simple change makes drone squad somewhat usable.
  2. Give them without number when used in squadrons. This is straight out of "Courage and Honor", hundreds of drones were dropped from the skies to harass the enemy. They are the Tau version of gaunts, small, squishy and really annoying. Sure they wont hold an objective or actually kill anything in close combat, or pin anything, or do anything other that die but that is enough. They need to be that speed bump that matches their shape. Kroot can't be the only one.
  3. Go big or go home. Heavy gun drones are dangerous. Twin linked burst cannons are nothing to sneeze at. Sadly you will never see them on the battle field because they are Forgeworld and totally broken as a heavy choice, so I can get a battle suite style unit that is only good against infantry or a Hammerhead, tough call. Team them with all drones or make them a heavy weapons option for firewarriors. Now you have a unit that can put down enough firepower make marines think twice before charging in, if only for a second.
  4. It is still odd to me that drones are not fearless or even higher leadership or at least have an easy way to boost their leadership besides putting them next to an Ethereal or Shadowsun. They need an boost of some sort, say a +1 for each drone left in the unit. They just shouldn't run from combat as easily as they do.

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