Sunday, June 27, 2010

Appleseed Test Fig

I decided that I needed to push forward on this project and decided to paint my prototype instead of using it to make molds. There were a few places that were taking too long and with the new XV-9 being released I am leaning towards using one of those for the base fig.

For the paint job on this project I tried something I haven't used before. Duplicolor has a paint called Metalcast. It is a candy paint that is designed to give an anodized finish. This seemed like the perfect match to the experimental suit from the film. The paint comes in several colors and I am eying the yellow and green colors for my Black Reach marines. This is a fun spray to work with. Candy paints will definitely test your spray technique on larger pieces but for figs in this size it is very easy to control the depth of the color and end result.

I am still working on building the head. I have found a couple of designs that I like so the wait for a head shouldn't be much longer.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice work! I especially like the color choice. I will have to look into that for some of my 'Named' models when I get to painting them because I want them to have that "Awe Inspiring" look to them that the standard troops don't have.



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