Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have been a little busy lately but did manage to get a little painting it. First up are the SMS units I re-purposed form a Gundam kit. I think they turned out great. The are big step up from the bubble ones that are standard. I originally had a targeting array on top and a spacer under them to allow them to sit square on the mounts and not hit the helmet but it just didn't look right. The lower angled mount looks menacing and fits the hunter aspect I was looking for.

I was using this piranha as a test model for the Shas'Vre Valsk ship. I tried falling back to an old technique for filling gaps with ca and baking soda instead of fighting with greenstuff. It turned out pretty well for a 10 minute job. I did have one issue with the build though, the dreaded fuzzy primer. I have a can of Velspar primer that I use for terrain because it fuzzes and give a little bit of texture that is great for adding a little depth to terrain features. Unfortunately I didn't check the can before spraying the model. Luckily I only sprayed the bottom so it didn't worry about stripping it and starting over. The effect also looks good and I may start using it on a few more ships.

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  1. I think the broadside conversions looks great. The "big, better" effect of the huge gundam leg-launchers really fit the "don't mess with our firepower"-image Tau have. And I knew first sight that you used a Heavy Arms Gundam (own that one myself, but I will never convert it :P)

    Cheers on one of the few well done tau conversions I've seen on the web so far.



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