Friday, February 11, 2011

Ding, molds are done...again

The purity seal base molds are done and they look pretty good. I had a little bit of lifting on some parts so I need to do some minor cleanup but nothing too difficult. I am going to run a few more cast so I can make a larger mold. I need to do 60 of them and at 10 mins for each just in the casting being able to do 10 or so at a time is a major benefit.


  1. Where are you getting your silicone from? If indeed it is silicone. I've assumed before and been completely wrong.

  2. For these I am using Smooth-on Oomoo 30 to make the molds. It is a 1:1 mix that doesn't require vacuum degassing and is pretty durable. It is also cheap. You can pick up the sample size for $25 and it is more than enough for most model building molds.



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