Friday, February 25, 2011

Seals are done..., well almost. Call in the Deathwing!

Done, well almost. I completed painting, sealing and attaching the pins to the back. They are now ready to go out. I am just trying to decide if I want to attach parchment ribbons to them and if so what should they say. I am going to have to play around in Quark for a little bit to see what my options are.

Deathwing! I love when book stores run sales and what better sale then a store closing sale. Sadly one of the 3 Borders near my house is closing and rather than ship inventory to the other stores they are taking 20-40% off of everything. I love a sale and I love books. This is perfect. So my 40K library and RPG library grew a little. I picked up all the Fantasy Flight 40K game books. But wait there is more, SoB, Eisenhorn, Blood Angels, Dawn of War, an Arbites book, you get the idea. The grand total was 20 40K books (I cleared the section out), 4 Fantasy Flight books, the D&D Redbox reissue, Daemon and Freedom TM (2 of the best near future scifi books ever written), a foot tall stack of Bluerays and a bunch of gift books. The sales tape was about 3 feet long. Sales are good!

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  1. Yeah I heard Borders was in trouble and was going to be closing up some stores soon. I will have to see if any of the ones near me are being hit and see if I can still get some deals.

    That 3 foot long receipt had to be a sight to see thought! ;)



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