Friday, July 2, 2010

Silly Gadget Time - 7" Turntable

I am a sucker for gadgets. I have more "useless crap" than any normal person should be allowed to own. Well every once in a while I pick up something that actually has a purpose. This time around I found one of these. It is a 7" turntable. Where has this thing been hiding. This is the most simple cool thing I have gotten in awhile. This one has 2 settings, slow/counter clockwise and fast/clockwise, runs on batteries and a mirrored top. It should be a good photo base since I can now turn the model without having to touch it and I can now easily record videos of all side without having to stitch images together. I am going to have to do some minor modifications to it to get it exactly how I want it. It needs a remote on off switch, the ability to have it more at different speeds in either direction and lastly battery elimination. I really hate batteries. Keep an eye on my YouTube channel for a full review and the modifications I do to it.

Display Turntable @ Hobby Lobby

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