Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tau Special Character - Shas'Vre Valsk

WD288 had the character Kais (Shas'la Vior'la Kais) that had a modified rail rifle that was assault 2 instead of heavy. Sadly they didn't give him a point total but it wouldn't be too difficult as he isn't a command unit but and upgrade to that standard pathfinder with some small tweaks. What if we did the same thing for the Piranha:

The Pilots of the Kaior Sector are know for their unique looping fighting style and charged wind attacks that seems to allow them to pull of the most amazing assaults against armor. Shash'Vre Valsk created this style of flight to counter the constant wind and sand storms in the Kaior plains. Under his training other pilots have learned how to use the wind to increase their attacks range and strength of their weapons.

Valsk's Piranha - Valsk pilots a modified piranha that as been upgraded with fusion blaster twin burst cannon instead of the normal gun drones, target lock, multitracker,targeting array.

Valsk's unit effect - Any members of his formation get a free fusion blaster upgrade but cannot carry seeker missiles.

Charged wind attack - By rerouting the static charge that builds up on the hull as the craft flies to the weapons system they allowed to increase the weapons range. Adds 3" of range to Fusion Blaster attacks.

Circular Strafe attack - By understanding the winds the pilots have learned how to rotate their craft in such a way that the guns seem to always be pointed at just the right location on the enemy. All attacks are treated as if hitting rear armor.

Ride the wind - Years of flying in the worst conditions has allows them to fly at the lowest levels dodging terrain like it wasn't there. Vehicles gain the effects of having sensor spines and the ability to move up to 6" in the assault phase.

Soothing wind - By rolling and turning the craft into attacks they are able to deflect some of the damage from an attack lessening its impact on the craft. Vehicle no longer counts as open topped for all attack/damage rolls.

So what do you think? Having a special character like this would definitely freshen up some little used units and open up whole new tactical options. I can see a wing of 3 or 4 of these making life real difficult for whoever wants to go against it. For too long the Tau have relied on outdated static tactics. This puts that mobility back into the game while still fitting the character of a Mont'ka.

For the greater good!


  1. I think Circular Strafe attack is pretty cool, but always going to rear armor is a little much for something that is supposed to be bringing maneuver tactics to the table. How about it downgrades front armor to side, and side to rear, so there is still some incentive to flank around armor with all this increased threat range, instead of frontal assault?

  2. Funny that is how I originally wrote it, then decided to change it at the end to make it easier to deal with in game. I think I am going to change it back after this though.



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