Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Andriod software review - WarHelper Pro

The application is a pretty straight forward dice roller app with a few extras. It is offered in 2 versions, free and pro. The differences between the two were minor and for the $1 you might as well go pro. The main feature is the die roller. It supports adding dice in singles or blocks of 5 so you can run any combination of dice you want. I tried to test the maximum number it will roll but I stopped at 500. I figure if you need more then 500 dice at once you need to seek medical attention. The roller handled this number without any problems and gave consistently random results. As an example I did 50 rolls of 500 dice and ended up with a fairly average chart with only a few awesomely good and horribly bad rolls. In a my spot check of rolls of 4 or better the numbers were consistently in the 230-270 range out of the 500. This leaves me to believe the random number generator used is pretty solid.

Features during the basic rolling are a little limited, you have add and subtract dice, roll positive / negative, the ability to tag dice for rerolls and batch dice so you can only show the dice that hit and remove those that don't automatically. The pro version adds shake to roll which is nice but just as easy as pressing the roll button so take it for what it is worth. The batch function is the nicest feature. This will automatically highlight any die rolls that meet the criteria you set. The criteria can be a basic high low or a specific number set. So on a 4+ it highlights them and makes them standout or if you only want to keep rolls from 2-4 it does that to. No more accidentally calling hits misses and vice versa. A feature that would be nice to see is selectable dice size. The dice size is geared to getting the most dice on the screen at once and is a little small if you have large hands like I do. It is easy to tag the wrong dice by miss clicking. Having the option to change the size of the dice would be nice.

Next we have Auxiliary options. This part of the program has a turn counter, scatter die roller and artillery and the ability to select up to 3 die for each. The turn counter keeps track of both players turns and the game round you are on. It has no upper limit so if you are playing a last mini standing battle you need not worry. It would be nice to have it handle the turn 5 roll off for turn 6 or even give you a message that you are on turn 5. The scatter die and artillery rollers are pretty neat. To use them you place the device next to the unit and press roll. It displays hits with a big bullet hole marker and the rest of the time it displays an easy to read arrow that is large enough to keep people from guessing about the direction. At the bottom of the screen are displayed the die values for the roll. The dice here are also big for easy reading. 

 There are 2 statistics sections that round out the software. The first is statistics, this gives you a sliding menu for all the mathhammer players instant access to the percentages for each type of roll. For example a 4 to hit with reroll, a 3 to wound and a 4+ cover save should hit 25% of the time. If the wound gets a reroll the chance goes up to 33%. If you change the 3 to wound to a 2 and no reroll it drops to 31%. Depending on how you play this can help or hurt your strategy during a game. Some times knowing that you only have a 5% chance to wound is not worth knowing. The other stat it tracks is how often a each die result has come up. This is how I ran my checks earlier. It tells you the raw numbers and percentages which is nice. Ever wonder how many 1's you really rolled in that game, well now you know.

As an application is it worth it. Yes. This is great if you are looking for a roller that is geared toward the game. There are a bunch of plain rollers out there but the extras put it over the top. Having all the standard rolls there in one place it nice and have the stat tracker pushes it over the top.
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