Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kroot are not Orks!!!

Kroot Renegade by Marco Schulze
Kroot are not Orks. Grab an Ork and grab a Kroot. Now look real close, go ahead I will wait.... You ready or do you need more time? Ok, now lest go over the differences.

Orks -
  • ugly, plant fungus people
  • if it is big it must be good mentality
  • tend to drool allot
  • scavenge what they can even to the point of destroying thing that were working to get that they want
  • get 10 of them together and their IQ still wouldn't add up to a small earthquake
  • can build anything but have no clue how it works
  • love to fight but don't understand why
Kroot -
  • birdlike, reptilian creatures
  • masters at adaptation with a deep understandings of genetics and DNA manipulation
  • understand that war isn't the end of it all, money and power are
  • understand power through simplicity
  • resourceful and willing to use other groups technology to their advantage
  • hides real power behind a primitive appearance
There is even more but this is a good start. So why all of this, simple I have had it with the Kroot are Ork substitute mods and scratch builds I have been seeing. Kroot are not going to just grab some random bits and slap them on a vehicle and call it done. They are a little more restrained than that. Sure they will adorn their weapons and blades with trophies but even then only a few and really most of those are just...lunch. In may respects the Kroot are the classic movie western Indians. Holding onto their old ways but embracing some technology as needed. Trading weaker weaponry and pieces of armor when needed to accomplish a goal.

The best example of what the Kroot are about is by Marco Schulze and his Kroot Renegades ( or . These are real Kroot. Take a close look at what he has done. There are no extra plates or thing just bolted on. All that was moved were the weapon systems and support systems needed to make them work. They stick to the script and make it work. So now that you have some inspiration and guidelines, get to building some Kroot.

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