Monday, July 5, 2010

Rant - I want bigger paint pots!

The problem with hobbies, any hobby, is you always run out of stuff when you need it. The big one for me is paint. So why, it is simple, the teeny, tiny, minuscule, incredibly small pots. GW, Reaper, Valajro, you know the players and they all do it, ration paint to you like it is diamonds. It isn't so bad for some colors, after all I think I have the same pot of Tentacle Pink in the old soft plastic caps. But for the staples they really need to offer multiple sizes. Black, white, space marine blue, green and red, Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal all should be available in something other than 12ml/0.4 floz pots. Folk Art and Anita's have the right idea, 59ml/2 floz and monster 237ml/8 floz bottles that pretty much guarantee you will have plenty of warning before you run out. I can here the cries now, but it would be so expensive that no one would buy them or GW tried it with colored sprays and they didn't sell well. Lets see, how much time do you lose waiting for shipping or driving around picking up stuff instead of paint. Even if your time is billed at minimum wage of $6.55, you can figure 2 hours in travel, longer if it is a weekend. That is $13.10 just in drive time, not including the gas and gray hairs for dealing with morons that haven't realized that cell phones have an off switch. So give me a $10 2oz black or white as a start and it will pay for itself in one trip.

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  1. Hear hear!! They really have no excuse for this...some might say that the limited # of Colors in larger sizes might be cost prohibitive to manufacture but I call BS on that. They already have the facility for the paint and if their system won't accept an occasional run of larger bottles...well then they need a new System.

    I am a notoriously slow painter but even I am already beginning to notice the way my Paint levels are dropping for the common colors.

    Just look at the Sales figures on Individual Colors, set a threshold level to determine what colors will get the larger amounts and let it happen. People will buy it! We promise!

    As a great man of 40k once said: "Devlan Mud should come in a 55 Gallon Drum."



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