Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Birdmen hatching from the ooze

I held off for as long as I could but I have never been one to like painting troops. Tanks, drones, battle suits, terrain, single minis, no problem. More than 5 of the same thing and my hands shut down. It is just too boring to have to paint the same fig over and over and over again. Since I need at least 36 Firewarriors, 40 Kroot and 12 Kroot hounds, I needed some way to speed things up. It was time to try dipping minis.

First up in the bath for me are the Kroot. Kroot have a love/hate relationship in Tau circles. You love the fact that they can actually survive in close combat but hate the fact that they almost never get there. They are a speedbump on good days and a waste of point when the dice are cold. Either way you can't find out their worth in your army until you have some. The eggs have finally hatched. This is the first 6 of 12. The other 6 were still drying while the pictures were being taken. They will hit the booth eventually.

For this first set I when with the black stain/varnish dip. The mix is 2 parts stain to 3 parts mineral spirits. The base paint is Krylon Periwinke which is a dead on match for GW Shadow Grey. This is great because touchu ps require no color matching. This speeds things up heavily. The rest of the colors are about 1 or 2 shades lighter than I would normally use. This  worked out pretty well for me.

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