Friday, January 14, 2011

Tools on the Cheap

If you are going to work on models you are going to need tools. The problem is if you are like most gamers you spend as little as possible on tools so you can buy more models. As such you are always on the look out for bargains. Here are a couple I found in a few recent trips to the hardware store.

First up is a $3 knife set. Now I know, but trust me on this one. The set includes the normal assortment of blades than are fairly soft so the won't hold an edge for long but that is not why I got it. Take a look at the handle and the calipers. The handle is a step above the normal plastic stuff. It has a rubber grip so it doesn't slide around in your hand and has a nice shape. It also has an all metal blade chuck. This is great if you have ever tried to tighten the plastic ones only to have the blade fall out or the threads strip. The caliper is another bonus due to its size and that you are not paying extra for it. The markings are rubbish but if you use it like most the measurements wont matter. I normally transfer mine to another ruler anyway, I like to work in tenth of an inch for easier scaling of projects.  Best of all it is disposable. Having bent or lost several expensive metal ones through the usual mishaps it is nice to have a cheap alternative.

Next up are sculpting tools. If you are going to be doing any work with green stuff or other modeling compounds you are going to need something to make it easier. This is another $3 find. It included a decent number of shapes. The tools are all metal and have a good feel in the hand. They are also rigid so no bending when you go to move things around or if you want to use them as sanding blocks in tight spaces.

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