Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Converting and Casting Parts

Besides railguns there is no more useful weapon in Tau armies other than the missile pod/smart missile system. It is the greatest all around weapon in the arsenal. It is also one of the more comical looking. The problem isn't big but something about the round domes of the rockets feels like the sculptor was overridden when the final mold was made. They also feel a little small when you look at other missile and rocket pods used in the game.

Getting over this for most users is pretty simple you just grab a guard or marine part and glue it on. This works but just feels a little off to me. So I went on the hunt for an alternative and think I found it with these. They are the perfect base I was thinking. A little hunting at my local hobby store and I was able to acquire the necessary kit.

The kit included open and closed versions of the weapon pods which is great. All that was left was to make a base mold and begin casting. The mold turned out surprisingly well and picked up all the details. Now I just need to make final modifications to make it look at home on my battlesuits. As they are now though they look pretty good. I am thinking about magnetizing the missile section so I can have them open or closed for a little variety.

The full gallery - http://picasaweb.google.com/lathanm2501/Blog?feat=directlink

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