Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The final Punch In! - 40K Radio signing off.

As many of my fellow Freebootaz already know 40K Radio has decided to stop broadcasting after a troubled month and a half of real life effecting gaming. The details for those of us that were there to see the slide are not important at this point. Why look back and second guess when there is little you can do about it. Sure you can grouse and whine that this person failed or threw person x to the wolves or dreadsock person y but really who cares. That is the easy thing to do. I have never been one for the easy route. Life is hard, get used to it!

We move forward knowing that we were all witness to an amazing phenomenon. A podcast that went from nothing to rock star status in virtually no time. It had some of the best interviews, access to the industry and visual presence of any US based podcast. They raised the level of sound quality from the 99 cent tinny, dim sounding microphone in the basement to radio level. The live show production level was like a real radio show with clear segments and transitions. They tapped into that FM, talk radio feel better than anyone else. Guys thank you for proving that it can be done. From the live call in show to the podcast, a gaming tournament, Toys for Tots drive, marathon shows, UK specialty shows, after hours bar and even their own drink the show did it all. The only thing missing was their own minidex and that was hinted to early on in the show. Great work!!!

Now what? I chose the title picture for this post from the movie Pump Up the Volume! for a reason. Talk Hard! The movie ends with the lead character being taken off the air after telling his listeners to seize the air. Speak out, let your voice be heard, say what hasn't been said and keep going. This is then followed by dozens of different voices launching their own programs. That is what we are seeing now. There is already a group Freebootaz looking at doing this. I am one of them. Some of us will make it, some wont. But what is will do is keep the dream alive and further 40K.

Spencer, Scott, Chipley, Phil and Jar Jar, Thank you for showing me what is possible. It was a great ride and trust me it is not over, just switching tracks for a little while.

Punch In!


  1. Did anyone else just read this in Christian Slater's voice? Or was that just me?

  2. Pulled this PM exchange off my DLT account this morning. I contacted dapatrick on the DLT forums as I remember him as being very vocal about Jar-Jar’s slip up a few months ago. He was attempting build some support towards getting sponsorship pulled from 40K Radio. When I read the above e-mail I was struck by the tenor of the letter as being very similar to how dapatrick writes his posts. Further, dapatrick has a post on the DLT forums with an alleged bit of correspondence from Stephen Hope.

    It should be noted that dapatrick has not denied that he is Stephen Hope aka, Jack the Ripper. Actually, his easy and off-hand dismissal itself is suspicious. I know that if I was accused of being someone who would do such a thing, I would definitely deny it.

    dapatrick has not made that denial. If anything he has responded with the lofty dismissal so prevalent amongst internet badasses who sit safe in their anonyminity.

    The first communique is listed at the bottom and works backwards towards the top.

    Re: Who are you?
    Sent: Tue May 25, 2010 9:51 am
    by James

    No thanks….

    I see you are still declining to answer the really important question…

    Are you the person who sent the e-mail to Spencer at 40K radio?


    Re: Who are you?
    Sent: Tue May 25, 2010 9:47 am
    by dapatrick

    drink the cool-aid buddy.

    Re: Who are you?
    Sent: Tue May 25, 2010 9:44 am
    by James

    I don’t know how to respond to that.

    If you are Stephen Hope you are a detestable human being.

    If you support the e-mail sent to to Spencer at 40K Radio via Jack the Rippa (aka, Stephen Hope) than you again qualify as a detestable human being.

    If you are neither of the above then you are merely someone with whose point of view I disagree with.


    Re: Who are you?
    Sent: Tue May 25, 2010 9:41 am
    by dapatrick

    so then i guess it doesnt matter who i am

    Who are you?
    Sent: Tue May 25, 2010 9:34 am
    by James

    Are you Stephen Hope?

    I guess it is pointless to ask.

    I remember you leading the charge on these forums back when Jar-Jar dropped the N-bomb on 40k Radio.

    Either way, I disagreed with you then and I disagree with you know

  3. Well said! I for one will be missing 40k Radio. As a Freeboota myself I can honestly say it is the reason I got into the hobby. Whether people loved it or hated it no one can deny that 40k Radio was a bastion for all 40k Players to either rally around or rail against.

    It brought a spotlight to this hobby that no other PodCast out there could match and now it is no more. Hopefully some like yourself will step into the void of their passing and continue the good work they began.



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